Vascular Treatment

About Vascular Treatment


REGEN AESTHETICS provides you with a solution for the aged look of spider veins and broken vessels. You can expect to have a substantial reduction and often elimination in vascular lesions as REGEN AESTHETICS uses cutting-edge laser technology.

REGEN AESTHETICS’ Laser Vascular Treatment system is a medical grade FDA cleared Nd: YAG 1064nm laser. The laser vascular treatment reduces the appearance of vascular lesions.

The procedure is effective in treating telangiectasia, venous lakes, leg veins, hemangiomas, port-wine stains, and scars. All these vascular conditions can have a negative appearance and can add to the look of aged skin. These vessels and lesions are an eyesore, most frequently found on the face and legs.

With our safe and effective laser vascular treatment, you can literally watch the vessels vanish right in front of your eyes. This treatment is highly successful at reducing the visibility of vascular lesions.

REGEN AESTHETICS laser vascular treatment is available not only to women, but also to discerning men. For best results, we recommend 1 to 3 sessions, with sessions scheduled 6 weeks apart, over a treatment regimen.



REGEN AESTHETICS provides you with a solution for onychomycosis. Onychomycosis, also known as tinea unguium, is a fungal infection of the nail. Toenail infections are particularly common. Traditionally onychomycosis is treated with oral anti-fungal medications. These medications can have harmful effects on the liver and require regular blood tests.

Research suggests that fungi are sensitive to heat, typically 40–60 °C. The basis of laser treatment is to heat the nail bed to these temperatures in order to disrupt fungal growth. The Nd: YAG 1064nm laser treatment can eliminate this annoying condition, often in just 1 or 2 treatments.



REGEN AESTHETICS provides you with a solution for treatment and elimination of verruca vulgaris. Verruca vulgaris is a viral infection of the upper layer of skin and most commonly appear on hands and feet. Warts are very common, with most people being infected at some point in time.

Treatment for has included the use of salicylic acid, topical wart removal creams or ointments, and includes the use of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen treatment for warts requires numerous treatments over a period of weeks or months. This method of wart removal can work well but the chance of recurrence is quite high.

Stubborn warts and plantar warts can be removed with the Nd: YAG 1064nm laser treatment often in just 1 or 2 treatments.

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[For best results please follow these instructions]

Before Your Treatment

  • Do not wear makeup on the day of treatment
  • No sun-tanning or self-tanners 4 weeks prior to treatment. Includes spray tans, tanning lotions, tanning beds, sun exposure, etc.
  • Some medications or supplements may increase the risk bruising. Consult with your physician
  • Avoid treatments that may irritate the skin for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment (waxing, depilatories, etc.)
  • Notify clinic with any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment
  • History of herpes or cold sores may require an anti-viral prescription prior to treatment

After your treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure and use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen to prevent further sun damage
  • Bruising, redness and swelling are common and resolve with time
  • A “bug bite look” is common and usually resolves in 1-2 days
  • Avoid heat – hot tubs, saunas, etc. for 1-2 days
  • Avoid skin irritants (examples below) a few days post-treatment. Products containing tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents, etc.
  • Notify clinic of any concerns (blistering, excessive redness/swelling, etc.)
  • Leg vein treatments only: Compression stockings (20-30 mm/hg) are optional. Avoid high impact activity 3-5 days. Hemosiderin staining (brown staining) may occur after a treatment and usually resolves with time (can take
    1-2 years) but, on a rare occasion, it may be permanent. Strict avoidance of sun exposure may decrease risk of permanent hemosiderin staining. Large leg veins may take many months to resolve and should not be re-treated before then
  • Consult with clinic about when to resume skin care regime.
  • Additional instructions:

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